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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  October 23, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> rick: welcome, i'm rick folbaum. >> i'm juliet huddy, president obama is wrapping up a four day campaign swing for democrats around the country. >> rick: in minnesota today after stumping for senate majority leader harry reid in nevada last night. we'll have a live report in a minute. >> julian assange's web site, wikileaks is publishing hundreds of thousands of secret iraq war documents and we have comments from him coming up and how it all means -- what it means for our troops serving in iraq. >> rick: a fire leads to what authorities believe ills a meth
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lab and students exposed to dangerous chemicals and the latest on the investigation straight ahead. >> president obama finishing up a speech to rally democratic voters in minneapolis. the president encouraging americans to vote in ten days, the same words he used during the 2008 presidential campaign, yes, we can. wendell goler is live in minneapolis, and wendell, good to sey, why is the president stopping in minnesota for a governor's race when the balance of the senate is at stake. >> reporter: because the balance of governor's races is likely to change radically after the november 2nd election and, the races are divided evenly between democratic and republican incumbents. but, political experts expect republicans to gain a net of 8 governor's seats in this election, which would turn a two-state advantage, democrats now enjoy, 26 states, democratic, versus 24 republicans, to an 18-state
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disadvantage after november 2nd. here in minneapolis the president campaigned for mark dayton, former senator, a three way race, and, dayton is heir to the dayton department store fortune and the president is counting on his name recognition and political experience to be a plus here. >> president barack obama: you know what kind of leader he is. you know what kind of fighter he is. everybody else in this race might be talking about change, here's the only candidate who can actually deliver change. who has delivered change before. >> reporter: the president addressing a fundraiser for the democratic congressional campaign committee, trying for a last-minute boost to keep democrats in control of the house, the white house says they expect democrats will maintain the control, but, most political experts say it is a long shot. >> quickly, wendell, what are the odds that dayton will win
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the race? >> reporter: he has a really good chance, facing a three-way race, against a conservative republican considered too conservative for the state and, tom horner who lacks a substantial political organization, plus, the incumbent, out going governor tim pawlenty, a two-term republican and this is one of those rare places where the democrats may actually benefit from the anti-incumbency mood and pawlenty left the president a not so welcoming message when he arrived criticizing the budget deficits, health care reform, the unemployment rate, with minnesota slang in his words, not so much. juliett. >> wendell goler, live in minneapolis. thanks. >> rick: former governor sarah palin is looking to put her stamp on the midterm election and she and other g.o.p. heavy weights holding a victory 2010 sprint to the finish rally today. it was in orlando, florida. phil keating is standing by live in orlando, good to see you. how was the turnout today?
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>> reporter: 2,000 people according to organizers, which is about the same size as the victory rally last weekend in anaheim, california. which also featured sarah palin and michael steele, the g.o.p.'s r.n.c. chairman. keep in mind both cities do have this to compete with and the marriott ballroom, marco rubio drew a lot of support and applause and people rallying for him, of course and this was a strong republican and tea party crowd, also, on hand, chairman michael steele, but, of course the big draw of the afternoon, headliner, sarah palin. who took jab after jab at president obama. including one funny moment, that at least the crowd thought was funny when she talked about the $787 billion stimulus package: >> now our president, that he knew all along, there was no such thing as a shovel-ready
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project. talk about deception. because, he said there were of course. now we know what he's been shoveling all along and it wasn't asphalt. yeah. [cheers and applause]. >> a little bit of humor out of former governor of alaska. also, in the state this weekend, showing how important florida is playing for both parties, tim kaine the former virginia governor is the democratic national committee chairman, he was down south, outside of miami, campaigning for kendrick meek who was in pretty much of a long shot bid for the florida senate seat. >> rick: this is primarily a fund-raiser, right? >> reporter: yes, without a duty, tickets ranged from $20 to the multiple hundreds of dollars and we don't know exactly what they garnered. but look at this midterm election cycle, going from election day, when president obama won the way to the white house, all the way through mid-october, this is according to both parties, they tell me that the democrats actually have the lead fund raised, look at
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the two year cycle, democrats pulled in $193 million and republicans, $167 million and just look at last month, september, the democrats say they gathered $17 million, compared to $10 million for the republicans as to explain that, the democratic party's spokesperson said saying he feels that the perceived lack of enthusiasm amongst democrats is diminishing, in these final days before the election. >> rick: interesting, phil keating live in sunny, orlando, thanks. >> we've heard big names hitting the campaign trail in the final push to control congress and will these appearances really make a difference for the candidates? and, who has the most impact and who has an impact you rail don't want? higher is angela -- really don't want, a political analyst and a radio talk show host and former attorney for the house judiciary committee. great to see you, good have you here on saturday. angela, what do you make of the numbers? i want to show you, these,
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quickly. this is according to a recent "gallup poll," what is the net effect of president obama's support for the democratic candidate among registered voters and the answer is 42%. independents, 27%, and republicans, 69%. let's move to the second poll, a "gallup poll," the net effect of the -- effect of former governor sarah palin's support for republican candidates when she shows up to stump for republican candidates, what is the effect, 31% independents, negative 16%, and democrats, negative 68%, what do the numbers suggest to you. >> juliett, dealing with poll numbers or what have you from being on the campaign trail, myself, fewer democrats are seeking obama's support and endorsement. i think sarah palin is more of an asset to the republican party, rather than obama being an asset to the democratic party. with obama's five-state tour, he helped in washington, california and even in nevada and i think
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obama stumping for reid could help with the black voted and with angle and reid being close together obama could push reid over but obama hurts candidates that are in southern and swing states and sarah palin is, well, for instance, blanche lincoln-lambert had clinton come out and campaign for her. and travis childers, the first district of mississippi, had clinton come out and campaign for him. he didn't have obama. i think obama wouldn't do well in the southern states. >> i want to talk about president clinton and also, the numbers. obama going out for democrats, we have 42% and sarah palin going out for republicans, 31%, and, you know, as you heard angela say she feels like obama has less of an effect than sarah palin has. what do you think? >> i think sarah palin brings out the pluses and minuses in every party and raises up a lot of tension and really the heart of it is what they are selling, not who is selling it. sarah palin, i have to say he's really good at snookering people and is charismatic and is trying to convince all her mama
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grizzlies to deliver their cubs over to the poachers for hunting and trying to convince every middle class american, 98% of us to give up the $1200 each of us got under the obama tax cuts so every millionaire gets $100,000 and every billionaire gets $3 million, and, this sad thing is she's succeeding because when you tell people they were snookered by a scam artist they don't get mad at the scam artist, they get mad at you. >> let's talk about obama's effect on the democrats, not how much you hate sarah palin. and, we'll bring in president clinton in a second -- former president clinton, if you are a candidate, democratic candidate and have to choose between having the president show up and the former president show up, to stump for you, who will you choose. >> it depends which district you are in. if you are in a standard democratic district you will want president obama and like what he has done and recognize that he has given the tax cuts and health care reform and attacked the financial services companies, that brought us into
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recession and if you are in a swing district you will probably want bill clinton, one of the districts that doesn't trust president obama, and what he's done and i really think both the president and former president can do good in specific districts. >> mark, you and i agree on something, but i -- >> wow! >> i want to say clinton has campaigned for 65 candidates, and 95 events. that is more than obama has done. obama has been great at raising money for the party. but, a lot of people are running against obama and nancy pelosi. to try to win their seats. >> president clinton has an astronomical favorable feeling among the -- basically the masses, at this point. >> and he has more time on his hand. let's face it. the president is president of the united states and can't not be out there as often as president clinton and i don't think anyone blames him for that. >> and to wrap it up, do you think the republicans will take back the senate no. >> i think, if -- i think mark and i can kind of agree on that. i really think with christine
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o'donnell we'll have to see but i believe republicans will take over the house. >> o'donnell has a chance. >> not a chance. >> kind of slim. >> not a chance. >> we'll leave it at that. great to see you. >> you, too. >> thank you. >> your hair conducted part of the interview. >> we are having drama with the microphone, to be honest. >> rick: fox news learned president obama will share air force one with speaker of the house nancy pelosi when he heads back to d.c. later tonight as we reported, his campaign tour took him to minnesota earlier, and last night the president stopped in nevada to campaign for the most powerful man in the senate, the majority leader, of course, harry reid and the president sharing a hug with reid as he took the stage. the senator of course in a very tight battle with tea party backed republican candidate sharron angle. caroline shivley has the story from d.c. >> reporter: president obama was on stage friday night leading the cheers for senate majority leader harry reid and, reid's opponent is thanking the president this weekend,
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republican sharon angling's campaign says the president's visit to nevada helped them raise $200,000 on friday. in on-line donations alone and called it, quote, the first stimulus package of your administration. that actually worked and got into this dig about the local economy. quote: unfortunately, you are arrived in las vegas on the day it was announced the city has 15% unemployment, the only person you have helped in nevada is sharron angle and her campaign for senate. democratic candidates shied away from the appearances with the president an reid is counting on him to whip up the type of enthusiasm the president inspired in '08 in the super-tight race, at a stop in las vegas, he told the crowd not to blame democrats for an economy that went south during the republican add vacation. >> president barack obama: we screwed up so bad, it is going to take a really long time to recover those 8 million jobs that are lost. it will take a long time before the housing markets fully recovers. so, our best bet instead of trying to help obama and harry
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reid, to solve problems, we're going to stand on the sidelines, sit on our hands, and basically just say no to everything. >> reporter: this is the president's third trip to las vegas for reid in a year. the first lady is scheduled to head there on election-eve. rick. >> rick: caroline shivley, thanks. >> police arresting three men suspected of creating a meth lab at georgetown university and emergency crews racing to a dorm at the prestigious university after a strange odor was reported and there, they found a lab full of chemicals. two of the men who were arrested are students, one was a visitor. and 7 people were exposed to the chemicals and fortunately, no one was injured. >> rick: sad story, member of the u.s. national swimming team, dying during a race overseas, 26-year-old fran crippen was competing in a ten kilometer race in the united arab emirates. and failed to finish. and his body was found in the water, he died. swimming world magazine reporting the water temperature
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was in the mid to high 80s and several swimmers were treated for haiti exhaustion after the race. >> called the biggest leak of classified information in u.s. history. the wikileaks web site, releasing nearly 400,000 documents on the iraq war and, it has 15,000 more on afghanistan ready to go public. speaking earlier today, the web site's founder said this: >>... this morning, maybe wasn't careful enough and people are... (inaudible). >> no, i'm worried that the press chooses to credibly report statements like that from the pentagon. in fact, the pentagon would not have been able to review our material in those two hours, it is simply logistically impossible. >> reporter: national security correspondent jennifer griffin is live in washington, jennifer, what is going on? >> reporter: well, juliett the wikileaks founder was responding to allegations from the trpentan
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that the publication of 400,000 classified war logs put lives at risk and disputes the pentagon's version because he said they redacted all iraqi names. >> there are thousands of iraqi names in these documents that have been compromised, 300 of them we believe are particularly in danger and we have shared the information with our forces in iraq, for them to take prophylactic measures to protect them. >> we also have strong confidence in our redaction process, which is... so that statement by the pentagon presumably at its base is referring their own internal review, of their selection of significant actions for iraq. not referring to our material. >> reporter: and the battlefield reports reveal 15,000 more civilian deaths than previous thought. instances of abuse and torture
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by iraqi security forces and more iranian involvement in iraq than previously reported. take, for instance this report of a shootout between u.s. and iranian forces, on the iran-iraq border on september 7th, 2006. the iranians to the northwest of the column started to engage the patrol. lieutenant blank gave the command to return fire and the column was under fire and returned fire as they conducted u-turns to leave the area. the plt received rpg and indirect fire back to cp-14, well inside iraqi territory and west of the border castle. the entire engagement lasted 1.5 to 2 minutes as they broke contract, indirect fire landed around them for approximately 5 minutes. one iranian gunner was killed by u.s. gunfire and the iranians took five iraqi soldiers hostage along with their interpreter, all were eventually released. but it's not the kind of activity the u.s. military highlighted during much of the war and it is what is documented in much of these war logs.
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>> jennifer griffin live in washington, thanks, good seeing you, gen. -- jen. >> rick: an extreme weather alert. wild weather hitting dallas today, thunderstorms and heavy rains pounding parts of texas. several tornado watches and warnings also issued. meteorologist maria molina is tracking it all in the fox weather center. >> you are correct. several warnings are in effect, specifically to the south east of the dallas-ft. worth metro area, a lot of population there and is a serious situation and we'll zoom in where we have several tornado watches in effect here and the one that does include or is right to the east of the dallas-ft. worth area is in effect until 8:00 p.m., central time and as we head north, we're beginning to see activities, firing up, across northern missouri and southern portion of iowa, and that tornado watch is in effect until 10:00 p.m. central time,
6:18 pm
an ongoing event out here, and, those tornado warnings that you have been mentioning, already are expired but those are right to the southeast of dallas, once again, so lots of rain also, you have flash flooding occurring in the dallas-ft. worth area, two to four inches of rain and 2-3 inches of rain, can be expected. and most of the rain died down now and we see a second swath of rain, firing and moving eastward into dallas-ft. worth and why are we looking at all of activity? a low pressure system is over nebraska nebraska, wrapping around a lot of moisture and that is what is basically firing up the threat for severe weather today, and hail, strong winds and also the tornadoes, that you did mention. now, as we head into the tropics, we are watching tropical storm richard, expected to become a hurricane, during the next day and also make landfall across central portions of the state and we have tropics active, and, though it is october and also a lot of severe
6:19 pm
weather across this plains. >> rick: storms in texas, but at least the rangers are going to the world series and they cannot complain too much, maria, thanks. >> a rescue capsule from the chilean mine rescue on display at the world expo in shanghai. it was built by the fifa for the rescue operation and, the men spent two months trapped underground and two towns are battling for the right to put the capsule on display and the town near the mine and the town near the naval facility where the capsules were built. >> rick: a imagine that would be a big draw. >> the town near the mine, should be the one that gets it, you think -- i don't want to cause any trouble. but, what's the i think. >> rick: voter turnout and enthusiasm in the election and one group of people could prove especially important in a key race, we'll tell you who they are and where they are from, coming up next. thas to the venture card from capital one,
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>> rick: welcome back, your headlines now, president obama and sarah palin both stumping for their political parties today, the president in minnesota, lending his support, to gubernatorial candidate, mark dayton while the former alaska governor was rallying republican voters in orlando, florida. doctors are rushing to contain a cholera outbreak in haiti, the death toll reportedly topping 200, there is concern the disease could spread, and the u.n. says no u.n. staff members were hurt during the bomb attack in afghanistan and police say several attackers stormed the u.n. complex nearing the iranian
6:24 pm
border, wearing explosive vests and carrying guns. >> an ethnic community in california could have the power to make or break a key congressional race on election day. 7 term incumbent democrat loretta sanchez, running against van tran, casey steegel joins us, why are candidates in the race counting on vietnamese voters. >> reporter: in the district, which represents much of orange county, california, the major political players have predominantly been white an latino and latino voters make up 68% of the constituents there and 44% of the actual voting base. but, vietnamese american voters make up about 15% of the voting base in that particular district.
6:25 pm
>> one of the candidates is a vietnamese immigrants himself, van tran and he hopes to harness the vote an oust the 14 year incumbent, loretta sanchez. >> people are very sick and tired of the same old rhetoric, the same old kind of negative campaigning from incumbents not running on the issues but are basically running on a message of hate and fear. >> the latest polls show van tran is trailing his democratic opponent by just two points, and that is according to the latest real clear politics average, very close, juliett. >> congressman sanchez is taking heat for comments she made, tell us about that. >> she had an interview with a spanish language tv station and said the republicans and v vietnamese are trying to take the seat from me and she later
6:26 pm
apologized and was not talking about the entire vietnamese community and she served 7 terms and traveled to vietnam as an advocate, trying to reach out to people from all walks of life. >> these are hard working people and everybody tries to get together, and don't try to polarize in any way and i know 14 years we have been working to get everybody at the table and i believe that most of the communities around here, and everybody understands that, and we work together. >> despite the controversy, she is mighty popular among democrats, most recently, former president bill clinton came out here to southern california to campaign on behalf of sanchez, and again, she is mighty popular, in the democratic party, we'll have to wait and see as we enter the final stretch before the midterms. >> casey steegel, good seeing you. >> rick: a slogan is popping up in races across the country and we noticed it and maybe you have, too, even made its way
6:27 pm
into the senate rate between sharron angle and harry reid in nevada. we'll tell you what it is and ask the question, is it fair game, or is it going too far? we'll let you decide when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am,
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6:31 pm
candidacy, the democrats trying to -- democrat trying to keep his job against sharron angle. >> at least 12 young people gunned down in a house party across the border in ciudad, juarez, mexico, the victims as young as 14 years old. >> rick: and wikileaks, exposing military documents that suggest far more iraqis died than the u.s. has previously acknowledged. >> just ten days to go until the big day, which means political tv ads are as nasty as ever, candidates nationwide battling over the airwaves for the last word, molly henneberg is looking at a barrage of ads and joins us live from washington. >> reporter: good to see you. most of us in the lower 48 are not able to see the campaign ads in alaska. but, there are three candidates going at it. joe miller won the republican primary and lisa murkowski countered with a write-in
6:32 pm
campaign and the democrat, scott mcadams is trailing, sometimes double digits and miller suggested in the recent ad the federal government is too powerful. >> we have to change d.c. and i'll work to free our natural resources for lower energy cost and create jobs for all alaskans, i'm joe miller and i approve this message, because to change d.c. you have to change the people that are there. >> reporter: murkowski said miller wants to shrink the federal government too much and but too much of a burden on the state of alaska. >> how much would that cost to eliminate the department of education? transfer federal lands? manage unemployment insurance and administer medicaid? more than a billion dollars. in all. and, who picks up the tab? you do, joe is a one man economic disaster for alaska, fill in the oval and write in, less sa murkowski. >> reporter: the democrat says, alaska needs the get its fair
6:33 pm
share again from washington. >> my wife told me i better start wearing a tie so i can look senatorial, and if it takes a tie to finally get the same share of oil royalties as louisiana, in the i'll wear one. and if it takes a tie to stop joe and lisa from outsourcing our jobs to china, or tax dollars to the lower 48, that is a good reason, too. >> is the senator faces a historical uphill battle with the write in campaign and the only person to wayne senate seat as a write-in was south carolina's strom thurmond in 1954. juliett. >> a lot of nays ads and a lot of entertaining once, i have to tell you. thank you. >> reporter: thank you. >> rick: the controversial phrase has taken off like wildfire, candidates telling each other, to man up. take a look: >> these they're type of cheap, under handed, unmanly tactics that we have come to expect from obama's favorite republican, mike castle. i released a statement today
6:34 pm
saying, "mike, this is not a bake-off. get your man pants on." >> man up, harry reid you need to understand that we have a problem with social security. >> run a race as a man. stand up and be a man. >> rick: is it fair politics, joining us, is sam bennett, who is president and ceo of women's campaign forum, a nonpartisan organization supporting female candidates, good to see you, why is everybody talking like this. >> it is election season and people will grab any weapon they can in the hotly contested races but the bottom line a lot of the comments, what we might call reverse sectionism is based on the foundation of sectionism that has been lobbied at women candidates from time immemorial, rick. >> rick: let's break it down, when you hear a female candidate, saying to her male opponent, which we heard in a clip a moment ago from sharron angle and christine o'donnell.
6:35 pm
is that any different than when we hear a male candidate saying, it to another male candidate as we also heard, in the last part of the clip, as well? what is the difference? >> our research, we have an initiative called "name it change and, name it, change and i -- basically the research shows that when women, even very mild sectionism, rick comes at them, focused on hair and makeup, that really dramatically impacts the votes they are going to get and a woman can recover as long as he goes right to the media, and right to the source and says, hey, that is sexist, knock it off and the voters say, oh, yeah, that is sexist. and what they do, rick is blame the opponent. the big break through here is we figured this part out and are giving council to women candidates across the country from meg whitman to crystal ball. on how to handle this when it comes at them and now what i think we are seeing is quite
6:36 pm
frankly among the women, if you cannot beat 'em, join 'em, they are using their own brand of sexism and, the guys are using it against the guys and it will not affect a man the way as it will a woman, women, when the run for office, already start as the underdog and is harder for a voter to see a woman, unfortunately as a leader than a man and they look at a man and see a leader and when christine o'donnell lobbied this at her opponent, the voters see her opponent as a potential leader because he's a man and when the comments are lobbied at christine o'donnell, for example as jay leno did and made an unfortunate oral sex joke about her that undermines the voter's ability to see her as a leader and both version are objectionable and should not be going on but it is really the woman who suffers in the situation, the candidate, and that is why it is critical -- we
6:37 pm
need to call it out. >> rick: it seems like there is an underlying message, if you are telling someone to act like "a man", then, sort of the implication here is that acting like "a woman" is weaker or less than, right. >>0, absolutely. i mean, we cannot get around the fact, rick that our culture unfortunately is wildly sexist and nothing is more wildly sexist than politics and women start, one man down, to use sflegs... when they run for office. so, what we are seeing here reverse sexism, you could call it, is standing on the om press sent sexism and, the focus on hillary when she ran for president, on her hair and makeup and the misogyny, that came from lisa murkowski from joe miller when he said she was a member of the oldest profession in the world and mary
6:38 pm
landrieu attacked for being a high cost prostitute. >> rick: one more question, you call yourself nonpartisan and i look at your web site and saw the vast majority of candidates whom you are endorsing, this coming election, are women democrats. and there are a few moderate republicans on your list. but, if you are nonpartisan why wouldn't you just not endorse anybody at all? >> good question, rick. we have a foundation and that is completely nonpartisan with no filter and that is where our name it, change it campaign came out of, for example i defended christine o'donnell, against the jay leno attack on megyn kelly's show but on our c4 site we have a -- we believe deeply it is important for individual americans to be able to make their own important life decision, note government and so, moderate republican women fit into that mold and more conservative republican women, sarah palin, christine o'donnell don't fit into the mold and a
6:39 pm
lot of the moderate republican women unfortunately didn't get out of the primary season this election cycle. >> rick: i saw that you are endorsing robin carnahan who told her opponent to man up, over the issue of health care reform. so, it is happening on both sides of the aisle. >> shirts. >> rick: and the story caught your attention and we're glad you came onto talk to us about it, sam bennett, president and ceo of women's campaign forum. >> thank you, rick. >> first of its kind new law is helping abused animals and summit county, new york is creating the first animal abuse registry and the still will work like the registry works like it does for sex offenders. peter doocy is in the newsroom, i think it is a great idea. >> reporter: you decide at home, when the measure is passed, in 30 days, if a person is convicted of animal abuse in suffolk county, new york, they will not just go to jail, they will be placed on an animal
6:40 pm
abuser's registry similar to the sex offenders registry and you will be forced to give your name, address, photo and $50 to the county every year, tor five years. this registry will be maintained by the suffolk county spca and will give citizens the ability to see if their neighbors are violators and pet shops and intre breeders will be required to check the list before selling anyone an animal. >> it is preventing an animal from going into the wrong hands, where it may be hurt or abused and we don't ever want to see that happen. >> reporter: the law will likely be called, justin's law after this dog, who got his name because he was rescued just in time. and the spca believed he was take his last breaths when he was discovered at 19 pounds, and he's a healthy 55 pounds now and they say the -- he is the reason why certain people just should not be pet owners. >> justin was one of the lucky
6:41 pm
dogs, because he made it. he survived and got him out in time and most animals unfortunately don't make it and this law is going to be fantastic for animals to protect them, because people that do this to animals should be punished. and they don't get enough punishment and should be not allowed to have animals, after they are convicted of doing something like this to an animal. >> reporter: and the suffolk county spca says they've seen an uptick in animal abuse, over the last two years and think it is tied to the down economy because some people cannot afford to properly take care of their pets. and, if any of you at home would like more information about the program, go to back to you. >> thanks, if you have gone out to one of these places, farms, it is a horrible, horrible thing to see and maybe i editorialized a little bit. sorry. too bad. >> rick: you are not alone. speaking of animals, wildlife experts now say wild tigers
6:42 pm
could become extinct in 12 years and now the world wildlife foundation is starting a global campaign trying to double this number of tigers, by the year 2022, that will coincide with the next chinese calendar year of the tiger and people of the wwf blame illegal hunting and deforestation for their demise. cute. little guys. >> they aren't cute when they get a little bigger! president obama saying the wall street reform law passed by the democratic congress is necessary to protect consumers but one g.o.p. senator is now calling it burdensome regulation and we'll separate facts from the rhetoric, straight ahead. stay with us. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
6:43 pm
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>> rick: welcome back, a so, match turning deadly in kenya, a crowd of people trampling 7 fans while trying to enter a stadium where two popular teams were preparing to play, four others were injured in the stampede, the ceo of the kenya premier
6:46 pm
league saying the stadium was not full, and doesn't know why fans couldn't get in there properly. but, a tragedy at a soccer match in kenya. >> president obama today now warning voters that the g.o.p. is out to kill financial reform passed by congress earlier this year. listen. >> despite the terrible economic dislocation caused by the failures in our financial system under the old rules, top republicans in congress are now beating the drum to repeal all of these reforms and consumer protections. recently one of the republican leaders in the senate said that if republicans take charge of congress, repeal would be one of the first orders of business. and joins the top republican in the house who actually called for the law to be repealed, even before it passed. i think that would be a terrible mistake. >> the south dakota senator john thune, a republican is calling wall street reforms burdensome
6:47 pm
regulation that fails to address the real cause of the country's economic problems and who is giving it to us straight? here now is patricia powell, founder and ceo of the powell financial group. you say wall street reform is all about politics and really isn't about economic reform or financial reform. explain. >> that's exactly right. you know, it was not your checking account fees that caused this problem we had over the last couple of years and threw all the people out of work. the epicenter by all accounts was in the real estate bubble. and, who they're culprits when you look at this? fannie mae and freddie mac. and you know what? the legislation has done to fannie mae and freddie mac? exactly nothing. this is the epicenter for the entire crisis and we have done nothing to solve it and i think that is really for two reasons. one is the politics of it, if we were trying to solve it we'd have to have congress admit maybe we shouldn't be forcing people to buy house or pushing people to buy houses and wouldn't think that three-1/2%
6:48 pm
was a fiscally responsible down payment. but, more importantly, when we look at fannie mae and freddie mac, we have to look at the economics of this, we have dumped billions, tens and hundreds of billions of dollars into this and in fact the agency that regulates them came out yesterday and said by 2013 we will have dumped between $221 billion and $363 billion. they are not too baying ig to f they are too big to i-96 they say the republicans will repeal the land you trash the economy and what is the g.o.p.'s plan and does it make sense? obviously, less regulation according to them is better. but, at this point, with americans out of work, massive foreclosures, massive unemployment, folks don't want to hear wall street is getting breaks. >> understandably. >> a lot of americans feel like the fat cats on wall street whose banks were bailed out, gave them all sorts of money and they got millions in
6:49 pm
compensation. where is the balance. >> this is going to be very unpopular for me to say this. we have to have strong banks because strong banks lend money, we have to have lending to businesses, because it is businesses that create jobs, we have 25 million people who are either unemployed or under employed in this economy. and, what are we doing about it? we are bashing the banks, the solution for the problem. unfortunately, or fortunately, depending upon your point of view, we're all in this together. we don't have a choice. we have to pull the banks through this. weak banks will not do anything for us. you know what will happen? if we keep or banks weak the overseas banks will take over and they'll create a lot of jobs but you know where it will be? not in america. >> you are not saying banks didn't take advantage of consumers, a lot of folks say, hey, my rates were raised i got all -- i was ripped off and name a bank and anybody can point to certain things that have happened to them.
6:50 pm
>> sure. what we are trying to look at, with system-reg and the president said this is the solution for the problems of the last two years and i'm suggesting to you that it is not. we have no evidence of a good legislative history in this country of getting legislative solutions to economic problems. in fact we get more disasters than not. >> we shall see, november 2nd is around the corner. thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> in the market for a new car? are you? "consumer reports" is here. with their list. of the top cars, should you get the new one? or last year's model? stick around.
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>> a "fox news alert." you're looking at a live shot of the president, president obama talk with folks at the airport.
6:54 pm
>> rick: they are short. >> looks like it! maybe it is the camera angle, he's accompanied by house speaker nancy pelosi and they'll head back to washington, d.c. after a day of stumping for candidates, democratic candidates, and, once again, we'll follow this throughout the evening. once again, president is getting ready to leave and head back to washington, d.c. >> are you looking to buy a new car, for someone you love, maybe yourself, maybe your co-anchor? >> buy me a car? wait a second. listen up, because "consumer reports" has a list of the best buys out there now, and, here now is "consumer reports" automotive editor and the question i'm having now and a lot of folks are having, out with the old, in with the new, the 2010, they are so yesterday and the 2011s are now on the -- in the lots. which one should we go for? probably can get good deals in the 2010s, aren't they like the old -- >> most cars are not changed
6:55 pm
much from year-to-year and you can right now get a -- save money on a 2010 and get the same car that's 2011 is and like, a good example, the nissan altima, one of the top rated sedans, has not changed much for 2011 and you can save money now, with nissan offers a $1500 rebate, 0% financing and you can get that and have basically the same car that's 2011 model. >> rick: that sounds like a good deal and in this economy, $1500, you get to keep in yourbiot poc is good. >> and they'll deal more on the 2011s to get them off the lot and you may get' a discounts beyond the incentive. >> you like the ford flex. >> a top rated suv and has not changed much for 2011 and ford is offering $3,000 rebate and 0% financing, too, and there's another opportunity. >> i was driving done the turnpike and saw billboard for a gorgeous car and thought that will be a lexus or a beamer and it this is hyundai sonata.
6:56 pm
>> it was redesigned for 2011. and that is one of the ones that has been redesigned and we like it and it is comfortable and fuel efficient and gives you a lot for the money. >> how much is the money. >> 22,000. >> the base model. >> yes. >> you have options, trim, mid to upper 20s. >> rick: another 2011 is the subaru out back. >> it is redesigned recently and roomier and more fuel efficient and all-wheel-drive suv-like wagon and gets better fuel economy than a nonhybrid suv we have tested. >> is there a reason to avoid getting the new model? >> there's a downside in that, one the selection is probably not great now, the inventory is picked over, and also done the road when you go to trade it in or sell it, you will not -- it will not be as worth as the 2011, bought at the same time.
6:57 pm
because it will depreciate faster. >> great information, "consumer reports." >> the automotive editor, thanks very much for coming in. nice to meet you. >> julie bandaras is up next with the fox report. go tigers, go phillies and it is my parent's 45th wedding anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> rick: mom and dad, love you, take it easy. [ female announcer ] with rheumatoid arthritis, there's the life you live... and the life you want to live. fortunately there's enbrel, the #1 most doctor-prescribed biologic medicine for ra. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, fatigue, and stop joint damage. because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis,@ lymphoma, and other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred.
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